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Welcome to the Friends of Westbury High School Foundation's website. The Friends of Westbury High School Foundation, an all-volunteer, non-profit, tax exempt organization, was founded in 1992. Thanks to the generous support of Westbury alumni, friends, and business partners, the Foundation from 1994-2024 has raised over $600,000 for scholarships for Westbury students and awarded over 300 scholarships. In addition, the organization supports school projects; such as campus landscaping, mentoring, ROTC, serving on school committees, and maintaining the Foundation website.  If you are a Westbury High School alumni or are interested in getting involved with the foundation, make sure to join our mailing list!

Soccer Field for Westbury High School 


A  soccer field was part of the 2012 bond improvements for Westbury High School.  The tennis courts were built on one portion of the open rectangle and the other half was slated to be a soccer field. However, the contractor left the field littered with concrete and rebar making the land unusable as a soccer pitch.   Fast forward seven years, Bill Burhans after many (7) years of lobbying finally found the contractor who agreed to clear the field. This happened last month.  We appreciate not only Bill’s efforts, but the contractor doing the right thing. 


Now we are ready for phase 2 which is to level the field and sod it.  The estimate to do this phase is around $75,000.  We have identified a source that will contribute $40,000; we’ve raised $1,025 from the community and are starting a campaign to raise more.  


The adjacent tennis courts built as part of the bond are beautiful. The boy’s baseball field and the girl’s softball field both built with funds from that bond are beautiful.  We’d like to give soccer the same.  

WHS is 70% Hispanic and it just seems so wrong not to have a dedicated field (pitch)for a very popular sport.  Especially since the land was allocated for one.  

If you would like to contribute to this effort to bring a proper soccer pitch to Westbury High School, please send your donation to Friends of Westbury High School Foundation, P O Box 31386 Houston, Tx 77231-1386 

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